Sacred Service

Caring for Your Heart and Soul on the Physical Level

Honouring and Healing Emotional Trauma

Shifting your Energy into Alignment with All

Working with the Spirit World to Heal Ourselves, Humanity and the Earth

MY UNIQUE SKILLSET enables me to support healing on all layers of your being; the physical, emotional, spiritual annd quantum you. We are really all one interconnected web of self, each layer interacting with and affecting the others, so only an interconnected approach to healing can serve the whole you. My cross-discipline skillset weaves beautifully into opportunities for complete healing, and enables me to meet your unique needs. What is calling you to healing at this time?

I help create opportunities for your healing and honouring. Where you go with that, how deeply, how fully, is up to you. Your journey is yours alone, whatever it looks like, I look forward to supporting you IN PERSON or AT A DISTANCE. Energetic healing and spiritual growth knows no boundary, the opportunities to connect on all levels of being are limitless. Be in touch to discuss your needs. The full you is most welcome here.

Embodied Movement Therapy

Pilates Bodywork, Somatic Movement, Outdoor Aerial, Intuitive Dance

Intuitive Bodywork Treatments

Reflexology, Somatic Stretch, Acupressure & Polarity

Plant Spirit Medicines

Aromatherapy, Sacred Plant Baths, Cacao & Tea Ceremonies

Energetic Healing Treatments

Energy & Crystal Healing, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Breathwork

Spiritual Guidance

Shamanic Journeywork, Oracle and Tarot Readings, Earth Medicine Connection

Ceremony and Ritual

Ancient Khuyas, Ceremonial Cacao, Despacho, Blessingway


Ceremonial Birth Preparation, Birth Trauma Support, Belly Casting


Winona was very kind in helping me over zoom during lockdown to connect with my body and pain. She hit home with some valuable teachings, getting me to remind myself that it is possible to live pain-free. She also taught me some very practical relaxation techniques. It was great to have Winona be so present with me, I felt very supported even from a distance.

Michael, new zealand


The work begins with an opportunity for deep listening. For me to listen to you and, more importantly, for you to listen to yourself in your truth. Perhaps in ways previously unknown or as yet unexplored. Perhaps stories and truths that you were previously unwilling, unable or lacked support to fully tell.

If you are here, you are feeling the call to grow, to heal…

Help is here. Now is the time.

We will sit down together in a spot where you are comfortable over a cuppa and I will listen to what you want to tell me. To whatever is on your mind, to what you are struggling with, to how you want your life to be, to your deepest knowings and biggest truths. After this we will know if working together is right for us, and we can discuss what services may be most beneficial and where to go from there. Most likely, a combination of healing modalities will best serve the complex web of you.

This can be done in person or via an online service, video is preferable so we can get a physical sense of each other at a distance, but is not necessary as the work is energetic and permeates all boundaries.

Be in contact to begin this exploration together.

The full you is most welcome here.

To book an introductory chat email: or use the form below.

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Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

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