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All items available through this giftshop hold the intention to help you on your personal healing journey.

Most are handmade and unique, all are eco-responsible.

Available for shipping worldwide.

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Medicita ~ little medicine bundle

GIFT SOME LOVE, to yourself, to a loved one, to the world.

The Medicita ~ little medicine bundle is a Winona LoveBlossom exclusive offering. Each handmade and unique bundle is created in deep prayer and heartfelt intention to help you discover the unique medicine you bring to this world, to help empower your journey on this Earth. Each bundle contains a handmade altar cloth, various tools for connection and prayer including: crystals and stones, plant medicine, a worry doll, a candle, smudge and more.

NZ$60. Postage is additional.

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Divine Floral Sacred Plant Bath

With intention, plant spirits can help you connect to ALL in a meaningful way; cleasning your physical, mental, energetic, & spiritual bodies. This sacred plant bath is harvested and handcrafted to enable ceremonial Earth connection.

Use of this plant mixture can bring: spiritual connection, energetic cleansing, mental clarity, relaxation, skin health, detoxification, stress relief, muscle relaxing, inner knowing, heightened dreamstate and bliss.

Instructions included for ceremonial use for sacred soak, ceremonial energy cleanse, vapour bath/facial and vaginal steam. Includes enough for 1-3 uses.

NZ$25. Postage is additional.

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Personal Synergy Oil

Essential oils are easy and accessible, yet powerful ways to bring plant spirit medicine into your life. Plant medicines aid healing on all levels of your being. Oils can be worn, sniffed, diffused and sometimes ingested to bring deep healing to that which is needing attention and love within you.

We meet online to connect and discuss what you are currently working on healing, I then mix a specialty blend of high quality and high vibration essential oils unique to you. You will get advice on how to integrate the use of plants into your ongoing personal healing practice.

NZ$35 for consult and production of your personal synergy oil. Postage is additional.

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Winona LoveBlossom Gift Voucher

Gift the experience of personal healing and ceremony.

Winona LoveBlossom gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount and applied to all group and personal ceremonies, in person and online sessions and transformational gifts in the Sacred Giftshop. Click HERE to arrange your gift voucher.

Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a wonderful introduction to working with the vast teachings of plant consciousness.

Cacao is a powerful heart opening medicine that can be easily and safely incorporated into your regular routine to help you connect, open, heal and grow; it can bring motivation and energy or relaxation; it can get the creative juices flowing. Mama Cacao is a loving plant spirit that comes forth as is needed in each moment, she is wise beyond our knowing.

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