The Medicita ~ little medicine bundle is a Winona LoveBlossom exclusive offering, made from the heart, to help you discover the unique medicine you bring to this world.

Each handmade and unique bundle is infused with deep prayer and heartfelt intention to help bring connection to self and the divine into the world. To help the recipient tune into their unique magic and medicine. The tools and practices come from various global cultures and require no set belief system, simply open your heart and dive in!

Each bundle includes a handmade altar cloth, various crystals and natural stones, plant medicines, a rattle, smudge, a candle, and more. And is accompanied by a beautiful set of cards to help you find the self-practice that most suits and supports your healing journey.

The world is waiting for you!

Gift of the heart, for the heart, from the heart

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Ceremonial Cacao

Healing the heart with the sacred plant spirit of Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that was used by the Aztecs and Mayans for ceremony, divination, money, medicinal purposes and to increase energy. It is full of health, has incredible powers of detoxification and is big medicine to heal the heart, physically and spiritually. All things the people of this earth are in desperate need of these days; the recent increase in the use of ceremonial cacao throughout the world is testifies to this.

Ceremonial Cacao is a wonderful introduction to working with plant spirit medicines. Cacao is a powerful heart opening medicine that can be easily and safely incorporated into your regular routine to help you connect, open, heal and grow; it can bring motivation and energy or relaxation; it can get the creative juices flowing. Mama Cacao is a loving plant spirit that comes forth as is needed in each moment, she is wise beyond our knowing.

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Welcome the heart healing Earth Medicine of Mama Cacao into your life.