The Khuya Ceremony

THE KHUYA CEREMONY, “the ceremony of the black pant”, is an ancient tradition of the Q’ero people of Peru, descendants of the Inca.

Very few remaining people perform this healing ceremony, but amazingly it has been kept alive by a few elders. In 2010 I was initiated as a third generation “Chunpi Paqo” to perform the ceremony and am honoured to bring this ancient healing ceremony to the people who need it.

In this powerful ceremony, we enter the sacred bubble of the soul. “Khuyas” (sacred objects) are used to open, cleanse, empower and connect the seven major energy centres of the body via a series of “chunpis” (energy belts). The intention of this powerful, interactive experience is to clear the body of all “hucha” (heavy energy) and allow it to fill with “sami” (refined energy). The khuyas work to move the hucha out of you, through my “cosco” (spiritual stomach) and ground it into Mother Earth who gratefully receives it as nourishment. In its place, you are filled with sami.

Throughout the healing process, the Khuya Stones do the healing, I am just a vessel for their magic. The seven sacred objects hold big intention for your healing. Each is attuned to powerful aspect of Q’ero medicine: plant medicines, animal medicine and celestial bodies. The three lines inscribed on each stone represent the realms of reality: Hananpacha, Kaypacha, and Ukupacha (the cosmic, earthly and lower realms). In this way the stones intentionally call in earthly and quantum energies to facilitate your healing.

After receiving the Khuyas you will be free of external attachments or projections, purified in your unique energetic being-ness. You will feel refreshed in yourself, with a heightened sense of spiritual perspective. Imagine what is possible from this space…


I recently attended The Khuya Ceremony with Winona, and have been back for further (different) ceremonies as I was so impressed. The setting is perfect and Winona is welcoming, knowledgable and nurturing. The ceremony itself was well explained and I was impressed with how much I was able to let go of. I would highly recommend to others.

Suse, New Zealand

Inside our beautiful fire-heated, solar-lit ceremonial tent in the surrounds of nature, we will gather in circle and create a safe space to feel in community and for each person to share from their heartspace before receiving the khuyas. During the ceremony we bear witness to eachother’s healing process. This will be a space of confidentiality and trust, only love and compassion for you and all in the circle are welcome.

Each experience is unique, your presence makes it so. I look forward to sharing this healing ceremony with you.

• A water bottle.
• A personal item of power for the altar, both offering its energy to our ceremony and inviting it to infuse with the energy of our night to be taken home with you.
• Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks.
• A drum or rattle if you have them.
• An intention you would like to set for your personal ceremony.
• An open heart and mind, willingness to discover.

IF YOU FEEL CALLED TO THE MAGIC of these sacred stones, please be in touch to chat about your personal healing needs prior to booking. Spaces are limited to support individual process.


$80 per person. Spaces limited to 4. Private Khuya Ceremonies can also be arranged, please enquire.


BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL, spaces are limited to 4 participants, and PRE-PAYMENT must be made to secure your spot. Bookings are non-refundable, but can be gifted to a friend or offered as koha to a person in need if your plans change and you cannot attend.

Kindly pay-in to: 38-9020-0551628-00 with your name as reference. The address of the sacred space will be shared on confirmation of booking. We look forward to welcoming you, the full you is most welcome here.

To book your space or for more information click HERE or email

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