The Journey Inward

Monthly Ceremonies held in Community with Earth & Sky

With the help of the heart opening plant spirits of Cacao and Rose, conscious guided breath and a unique soundscape you are invited to dive deep into your heart and soul space, opening to new awareness. Give yourself time to rest and be held in quiet enquiry. To imagine, to celebrate and explore. To prepare yourself with calm as you ready yourself to walk a new path ahead… A journey home to you.

Inside our beautiful fire-heated, solar-lit ceremonial tent in the surrounds of nature, we will gather in circle and create a sacred space together to sip the rich concoction of Ceremonial Cacao, Rose and natural teas, infused with love, intention and prayer. We will call in big universal energies and spirits to join our circle and offer guidance while we breath together and share a journey through sound, inviting introspection and balance. We will create a unique vibration of our own as a healing gift to the Universe. We will hold the intention that our practice benefits all beings.

Together we create opportunity for you to find your bliss.


Kia Ora Winona…. Thank you for a beautiful experience. I didn’t know what to expect but what I received was beyond my expectations. Your ahua shines and I felt that the first time I met you so I thank Ihoa for leading me to you and your space. Nga mihi nui kia koe.



To prepare for working respectfully with the sacred plant spirits in ceremony please ready yourself to be receptive and clear. Drink plenty of water and refrain from consumption of alcohol, meat, dairy, caffeine and heavy meals past 4pm. A light plant-based meal after the ceremony is suggested.


  • A favourite mug for drinking your ceremonial cacao.
  • A water bottle.
  • A personal item of power for the altar, both offering its energy to our ceremony and inviting it to infuse with the energy of our night to be taken home with you.
  • A blanket, warm socks or other cozy item(s) to keep you comfy and warm.
  • A drum, rattle or sound bowl to add to the unique soundscape if you have them.
  • An intention you would like to set for your personal ceremony.
  • An open heart and mind, willingness to discover.
  • Loved ones, ceremonies shared enhance their power.


$30-40 (sliding scale) per person. Your generosity helps lift others. Koha spaces are considered, if you are in need, please be in touch.


BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL, spaces are limited to 10 participants, and PRE-PAYMENT must be made to secure your spot. Bookings are non-refundable, but can be gifted to a friend or offered as koha to a person in need if your plans change and you cannot attend.

Kindly pay-in to: 38-9020-0551628-00 with your name as reference. The address of the sacred space will be shared on confirmation of booking. We look forward to welcoming you, the full you is most welcome here.

To book your space or for more information click HERE or email

Each experience is unique, your presence makes it so. If you feel called to join us, come. This event is open to All. This will be a space of confidentiality and trust, only love and compassion for you and all in the circle are welcome.

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