The Medicita Sessions

The Medicita Sessions

Medicita Session Intro: An introduction to the practice of working with a Medicine Bundle and an introduction to the MEDICITA ~ little medicine bundle, a personal toolkit for your own growth and discovery. There are 13 sessions to help everyone gain tools from working with the divine and finding their own medicine. Please join us.

Medicita Session #1: An introduction to the powerful practice of building and working with a medicine bundle. Learning to create sacred space and pray using an altar cloth, a candle and a clear intention. Simple ways to bring the magic!

Medicita Session #2: Join me in creating a simple sacred space to work with the intention of TRUST… Trust in our process, trust in how things unfold, trust that we are always taken care of. How much trust can you bring into your life? And what would it look like for you if you could walk through your day trusting?

Medicita Session #3: Introduction to the Medicita ~ little medicine bundle and ways of grounding, protecting and opening to the divine to enable you to work with angels.

Medicita Session #4: Working with the ancestors, earth teachings and holding the intention for all mankind to connect to their heartflet powers and tools.

Medicita Session #5: The magic of working with stones and crystals.

Medicita Session #6: Working with the powerful teachings of Bird Medicine. Join us!

Medicita Session #7: Honouring the Solstice, the Sun, the balance of light and dark and the healing of the divine masculine.

Medicita Session #8: Working with conscious use of language to enhance the power of manifestation in your life.

Medicita Session #9: Working with the energies of the elements, the directions, the seasons to connect to all aspects of you.

Medicita Session #10: Working with ancestors, spirals and breath to heal our souls.

Medicita Session #11: Sharing stories of empowerment and inner strength.

Medicita Session #12: Working with the chakras and breath to heal on all levels of our being.

Medicita Session #13: Welcoming you in to my new sacred space. And asking… How do we work collectively to bring healing earth medicine to the people of this earth?


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